7 Reasons to have CITY wedding vs COUNTRY


By planning your wedding you’re doing so many decisions that might be crucial, and have some impact how your wedding day will flow itself. One of main tasks you will need to do in your wedding planning is to find the dream venue, that will meet your expectations in every little detail!

As an experienced photographer who absolutely love photographing weddings at wineries and country, I also highlighted some reasons why choosing a city venue for your special day might be right choice. Every of my couples are so special, and it is their personal choice of picking the venue and style of the wedding, and I’ll absolutely would be pleased to photograph it in a country, forest, beach, inner suburbs or in the middle of a busy city – there are no rules, your day is yours!

Below are some reasons why you can consider an urban wedding over rustic or nature country backdrops, and see if its yours vibe of the day or not.


There’re nothing else can tell your wedding day story better than having a modern city wedding, complete with loft venue, historical buildings, city vibe, minimalist decor and non-traditional bridal look to match!

Each city has its own character, and Melbourne city will make your wedding photos backdrops timeless and chic. You can also look out beautiful inner neighborhoods, such as Fitzroy, Collingwood, Brunswick, Richmond, North Melbourne or South Melbourne etc, that will be filled with retro streets, vintage hotels, industrial warehouses, graffiti walls and beautiful corners everywhere.

No further to go, here are seven reasons to get married in a big city:


First of all, let’s talk about energy of the city, that you won’t find in the most stunning countryside. Let’s start by discussing something you absolutely will not find in the countryside. Not only the charm of the city, but all it’s surrounding – every single stranger will look at you like at star and congratulate you, cars and trams will buzz you while you crossing the streets on traffic light. There is definitely something that you can’t find in rural area, and if you grew up in this vibe, it’s definitely worth to have a city wedding!


While walking streets from your ceremony to reception, or while taking photos on your wedding day, you can be always ready for some unplanned moments, such as meet an old green tram in the city that goes every 30 minutes, or unexpectedly find some really rustic lane with no people, so you can practice your first dance there (and to get stunning photos, of course!) You will never know what to wait next, and when you’ll look back at your photos, it will tell your full wedding day story by minutes, and it’s something you can’t do by having a wedding on a farm.

Tamanna & Ajit Intimate wedding in Melbourne


When it’s come to a venue, you’ll be surprised how many different options you’ll get regardless what kind of wedding you were after! Not only you can have your wedding at fancy loft, city skyline, or historic hotel with industrial details, but it’s also perfect choice if you were looking for somewhere more unusual to tie the knot. Inner city are full with not ordinary venues – such as breweries, restored warehouses, vintage even spaces or cafes, urban wineries or dining rooms in the heart of the city! By choosing city you’ll have wider list of different kind of venues that all your guests will discuss about!


As most of the wedding vendors dwell around the city, it will give you a wider list of suppliers to choose from, such as florists, photographers or stylists, who’ll match your ideal style (and hopefully budget!)


If you’re considering to exchange your vows in the city, your full day story will be like a book written by a photographer. Yes… it’s not like you’re having one hour photoshoot in between ceremony and reception, it’s becoming more like an adventure, exploring new places, sharing intimate hug in the middle of hundreds people of crowd! Every big city, in our case it’s Melbourne, filled with many epic backdrops that you won’t be able to find in country. It can be anything like graffiti lanes, vintage carousels, old brick factories, and even green parks to mix it up for bigger variety of photos. And the most important, it won’t be staged photos, all this locations will bring you to adventure – maybe you’ll pit-stop at some cafe to buy a coffee, and it’s how you’ll remember your wedding day!

If you were looking for a wedding photographer with documentary style approach, who’ll perfectly tell your wedding story through the lens, and who knows city and inner suburbs as it’s own five fingers, then we might be a perfect match! You can contact me here!

Modern city wedding of Mike & Fontaine was featured at Polka dot Wedding


With many accommodation choices, and easy-accessible transport, city weddings looks like more convenient for everyone. Sometimes couple and guests spending so many time travelling in between house, ceremony location and venue, and eventually you’ll have 3 hours of your wedding day spent in the car. In the city, it can be very convenient, as guests can walk in between locations or use public transport

Same situation with accommodation, as venues might host just small numbers of people. If you’re having many guests coming from interstate or other country, means they have to find a hotel somewhere and get there after the wedding. By having city wedding, this problem is solved instantly, as there are hotels in every corner to suit any budget.


If you’re having many friends attending, who’ll feel finishing dance floor at 11pm is not enough time, it’s a great idea to have an after-party. In rural area there are not many choices where to go after, however city gives you an endless choices where to go after, from modern rooftops to retro bars – options are endless!

Kilee & Serayha wedding (after-party)

To plan a wedding in a big city might be challenging and intimidating, but it’s expand the varieties of venues and locations, making your wedding day more like a little adventure. No wonder why more and more newly engaged couples choosing a city backdrop for their special day! That was just few reasons why city might be a perfect choice for your place to tie the knot, but remember, there is no right or wrong option when it’s comes to choosing your style, theme, location or vendors you love, and it’ll be 100% your perfect day to remember forever!

If you were looking for a documentary style photographer, who capture all candid moments throughout the day, I’m happy to discuss about your wedding day in Melbourne, and become your bestie behind the lens!

Talk about your plans today!



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