So, you’ve made a decision to elope instead of having a traditional wedding, and you’re wondering what’s the next steps? Planning elopement can look so hard when you start thinking about it, as there are so many possibilities and options. So, here I am to help you with all questions you might have at this stage!

Having an elopement is absolutely different experience to compare with big wedding, and I’ll guide you through all the steps you’ll need to plan to have an absolutely amazing stress-free day, that will be true to yourself! The guide below will help you in planning your day, and provide all information about eloping that I give to my couples.

I don’t hide anything from you because I honestly want to care about you! So, no matter what’s your vision, we’re going to go through all of the steps to have the most beautiful day! Let’s dive in into the actionable steps that will bring your dream day into reality!

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Yes, that’s where everything starts from. Have a date with your soulmate and think about the best day in your life! Don’t worry to much about logistics – just visualize everything till tiniest detail: the location where you exchange your vows (might be place where you met, or your favorite place to travel), timing of the day (romantic on sunrise or sunset, or midday to make it easier for guests), the season (beach in the summer, or snow in the winter), intimate or having some guests, any activities you might want to do (jumping in the water, flying air balloons, hiking, etc), theme and decorations you’d love to have, and the general vibe of the day!

So, you’ve imagined the most perfect wedding day of your life. Now it’s time to take some action, and start planning. Let me guide you through 6 steps, so your dream day can become a reality in the nearest future!

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And after imagining your amazing wedding day, it’s time to organising all details, and make it happen! As every couple is so unique, the following steps might be in slightly different order for you, but overall that’s a general guide on how to elope!


First thing to do is pick a date, so you can start book your favorite vendors with a particular date. You’ll need to think about the season and the weather that might be on the day. If you want a moody weather, with a fog, rain, or cold sun, then autumn is perfect season to elope (that’s my favourite season to be honest). If you were after snow, you can elope in the winter, somewhere in the mountains like Dinners Plain or similar. For summer or spring elopement you can do beach, mountains, forest, or anything that come in your mind! You can do this step before or after picking the location, but keep in mind, that some public outdoor parks require a permit for a wedding with exact date and time.

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When it’s come to a location, I always advice to my couples to pick something meaningful to them as a couple. Don’t go with a Botanical Gardens because it’s the easiest (unless it’s mean something to you), instead think about some locations that will make your day even more memorable, for example the place where you had your first date, the county where you’ve met, the bar where you’ve had your first kiss, or the place where you first say “I love you!”. Think widely, don’t put any borders in your imaginations, as you’re eloping once a lifetime, and you’re going to have the best experience ever! If you’re love hiking then consider a mountain elopement, love travelling – consider the country or place where you first traveled as a couple. Go the way that will represent you and will be true-to-yourself. The main difference in between elopement and wedding – you can do whatever you want in the most nontraditional way. It can be really hard to find that one perfect location to exchange your vows, so if you’d need any useful advice from a photographer who did so many amazing elopements around Melbourne and Australia, don’t hesitate to text me and I’d be happy to help you with choosing your perfect spot!

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No doubts that finding a perfect location for eloping is an important choice, but I’d say one of the most big decisions of your planning checklist is to find a photographer and wedding vendors who’ll fit your vibe, and will make every tiniest moment of the day memorable for you! You’ve been planning this day so long, and you don’t want someone who will make your day stressful or won’t capture the moment when it needed.

When we work together, I give 100% of my time to my couples in planning process as well as on the wedding day. It’s also so important if we know each others by the day, so my approach will be so easy going, knowing how capture you best without asking to pose, and what joke to say, so you can also be silly.

Most of the day you’ll spend with your vendors, so take time for research, and find the ones who’ll be the most perfect match on the day!

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Deciding all of details for your wedding day and organising logistics is also so crucial step of the planning. I’d say it’s one of the biggest steps in all process, as you’ll find out of how to bring your dreams into reality! You’ll need to decide of the time for ceremony, who you want to have as a guests, where you’ll be getting ready and staying at night, what outfits you want to wear, what locations for photoshoot you’d love to consider, do you want any activities on the day, etc. Think about the smallest stuff, just as you dreamed your day before!

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The other thing that makes elopement different to a wedding, is that you don’t stuck to a written timeline for ceremony, and can let the day flow as it is. But having a plan of how you want the day flow is needed. Ask your photographer or planner to help you with timeline for the day, in order to photograph all the moments important to you! Some couples want just a ceremony and couple portraits after while others want getting ready till sunset to be captured. Think what can be important for you on the wedding day, so you’ll have a memories capture for a lifetime!

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When it’s come to a wedding day, just enjoy it as much as you can! Doesn’t matter if it’s too hot or rainy – that’s going to be the day to remember as it is! You can have an umbrella just in case, or have a plan B with location if some unpredictable situation happens, but don’t forget that this day won’t repeat, and just have the best day ever!!!

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Just one more reminder, that your elopement is just about you two as a couple, so be true to yourself and do it the way you want!

I hope this guide helped you to understand what is elopement all about and how to plan all the steps to bring your day into reality! As you reached step 3 and were looking a professional elopement photographer who will truly represent you as a couple through the photos that will become your legacy, I would love to hear your love story and capture it in the most beautiful way!

Let’s talk today about your elopement, and will see if we are a good match for your day!




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