frequently asked questions

Hey guys, i know you're having wedding for a first time, and there are 1000 questions in you head, like where to start and what to do!?

Here is is the most asked questions by my couples, so hopefully it'll be HELPFUL! If there are something you still curios in, I'm just one email away!


frequently asked questions

Where are you based?

I'm based in Richmond in Melbourne, Australia, but I travel all over the globe to capture love.

What makes you different to other photographers?

I'm passionately love what I do, enjoying to photograph connection of each couple with sparkle in my eyes. I will dedicate so many time to every single coupe through all pre-wedding journey, so you feel special and cared by your photographer. Regardless other photographers, it's so important for me to get know my couples, so I can truly represent them through my photographs. I'm all about natural unplanned moments on the wedding day, and always ready to capture, doesn't matter the obstacles on the way.

Do you photograph internationally?

You bet I do! Nothing excited me more than the opportunity to shoot a destination wedding or elopement. If you're thinking of taking your celebrations overseas, please get in touch so we can chat about the finer details.

I'm so awkward in posing.
Can you help me with that?

Where to put my hands? Where to look? What to do? What side to stand? This questions are common to most of couple I photograph. Every time I photographing couples, I'm not positioning their hands or ask to stand in their better angle, but I giving some fun prompts to make you in action, so I can capture it in natural way, without standing freeze up and looking awkwardly to the camera. As every single relationships are so unique, I'll be in touch through pre-wedding process  with you and will get know you before the wedding, just to get know you better and find what makes you feel truly yourself. No two couples are same, so every couple photos will be different to others, and will tell their unique story. The only thing I can tell you, take it easy, and trust me! I'm the person who care about your photos, and I don't want them look awkward more than you.

Do you have liability insurance?

I have a public liability insurance cover of up to $10 million, including drone services.

Do you carry back up equipment?

Yes. There always three cameras with me on the day, plus many memory cards. 

Do you do same-sex weddings?

A million times YESS!!! LGBTQIA+, no matter how you identify and regardless of how you define your relationship, I'd love to be a part of your wedding day. Love is love and I'm 100% here for it!

Do you photograph elopements?

If you want to skip all the big wedding planning and run away to secretly get hitched or having handful of nearest and dearest people, I'd be as much excited to document your story as you are!!!! The elopement packages starting from as little as one hour coverage to a full day elopement, so get in touch and we can discuss what's can work the best for you!

How many hours should we book?

This is the most asked question so far! As every couple have different vision of their day, I highly recommend to book a Zoom meeting with me to discuss in details what's the most important for you on the wedding day. We will chat how many time you might need for every part of the day, and you can decide if you need a getting ready photos or it's not that important for you. I won't sell you my biggest package, my aim is to figure out right timing for your day, so everything you want will be photographed.

Do we get to meet you before the day? 

Oh, absolutely YES! Even if you're living hours away from Melbourne or international, we will organise as many Zoom meetings as we need. Face to face contact is so important for me to get know you, plus we won't be strangers on your wedding day if we meet in person prior to the day. I will be always available on phone when you need to ask something, or just one email away with prompt response. Some of my packages even have a free pre-wedding photoshoot, which is an amazing way to see that taking your photos with me is so much fun!

How many photos will I receive?

You'll receive around 100 photos per hour, 10 hours package might have 1000-1500 photos depending how jam-packed your wedding day is! Every single picture is carefullly edited in my style.

How will I receive my photos?

Firstly, I'll send you a handful of sneak peek shots a couple of days after your wedding. 2 weeks later, you'll receive a link to your online gallery to watch and relive your wedding day. Around the same time, you'll also receive a beautiful package in the mail with a USB, prints and a little thank you from me.

How far in advance we need to book you?

Generally between 6-12 months. I'm taking bookings for 1.5 years in advance, so as soon as you pick the date, I highly recommend to reach me straight away and secure your date with deposit, to avoid disappointment. Feel free to check my availability if you're having a last minute wedding, I might have one spot available for you.

Will you edit all photos?
Do you outsource your post-editing?
Can we get RAWs?

Every individual picture will go through colour correction, everything done by myself. I never outsource my editing, so I might not sleep some nights but will deliver your photos on time.
As I'm spending so many hours editing in my signature style, I don't see the reason to give a RAW photos to couples. Unedited photos can be provided on request for an extra cost, just as a back up photos, but not for any kind of publishing on socials or anywhere else. 

How many photographers will be on our wedding day?

Most of the times just one photographer - me (Sofia). If you have an average size wedding up to 150 people, one photographer will be able to cover everything. If your wedding have more people, or many traditional things happening, and you would like to capture everything, I can have a second photographer along, for an extra cost. Just ask me about second shooter when you reach out. 

How long will it take to receive our photos?

It will take no more than 2  weeks to receive your full wedding gallery. I'm passionately going through every single picture, editing with love and sparkles in my eyes. So you can be sure, that you'll receive your perfect edited wedding photos in such a short turnaround. If you'd like your photos even sooner, please ask me about the rush fee.

Do you offer photo albums?

100% YES!!! Our premium wedding albums printed on fine art matte paper, and you can select material choosing from leather, linen or velvet. Album pricing starting from $1500, get in touch for more information about our albums. We can also do parents albums smaller size, if you request it.

We work together to create a design you really fall in love with. The album package includes one revision to ensure you’re 100% happy with your design before it is sent off to print.

Do you offer wedding photo & video package?

Yes, I've been working with 2 talented videographers for last 2 years, so our team can take care of both photos and videos on your wedding day. Just ask us about our combo photo + video package.

We don't want our photos on social media

This is your wedding and if you are uncomfortable with your photos being shared on my social media platforms, I will respect that.

What if our wedding day will be rainy?

That's something you can't plan, but sometimes you can even take an advantage of that weather. Moody and overcast weather always bring some warmth to the photos, making them even more beautiful!  Don't think about it too much, take it easy and trust me, I've took pictures in so many different conditions, and unexpectedly all my couples was so much more in love with their photos, then the ones that was planned. 

What happens if disaster strikes?

This has never happened and will NEVER happen. However, if it did, I have contacts all over the world that will be able to step in. These are other talented photographers in my team who will take good care of you.

Can you do a plastic correction to make me look more beautiful?

As a body positive photographer, I love to keep everything as natural as it is. Everyone have better sides, a bit of fat here and there, double chins or not perfect skin. I don't look at your imperfections, everyone is perfect for me, whatever body you have! And I'm embracing everyone the way they are! What is more important for me to capture is your true love, and doesn't matter the angle of your body. If you're showing your true real emotion that moment, you'll forget about how your body looks like. You're happy, and that's what I'm aiming to document through my captures. 

We have no idea how long to allow for different parts of the day. Can you help us?

I've been photographing weddings full time for more than 4 years, and there are no doubts that you're planning a wedding for a first time. So here I come, as your third wheeling mate. Let's catch up for a coffee, to see if we are a good match for your wedding day, and to chat everything about wedding planning. I might be able to answer most of your questions related to wedding, and it's all free! I will show you photos of different parts of the day and will tell you how long you should consider for that to get the best results. 

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes, we can organise to split your payments into four installments. Just let me know if this would suit you. To secure your date, I always take a deposit of 20% with the contract. This payment ensures my time and that I don't accept any other booking for that day. Because that date is being held just for you, it is non-refundable and acts as a retainer. The remainder of the balance is due within two  weeks prior the wedding, but I also can set up a plan that spreads out for smaller payments over time before the big day.

What do your prices start at?

Elopemennts start from as small as $997. Wedding packages start at $2897

What if you are unable to shoot our wedding?

Anything can happen last minute, and in case I get sick, injured, or will have any family emergency, one of my team photographer will take over. I don't want you to stress very last minute or look for other photographer, which is so hard to find, so whatever might happen you can be sure that your wedding still will be professionally photographed.

Our venue is dark inside. Can you do something to improve light in photos? 

I've photographed in so different situations, so I can adjust to any lightning situations. Doesn't matter what time the day or light conditions, my best of the best camera with great low-light quality plus creative vision will bring great art of work. If there are extremely dark I'll use on camera or external flash to get the best results.

Do you have a weekday discount?

Yes, all wedding packages booked to take place on Monday - Thursday receive a 5% discount.

Will you eat with us during wedding reception?

I would be so much grateful if there will be a meal for me during reception, after long day shooting. I don't take any lunch break or any other break at all, most of the times you'll see me sneaking around taking photos that you might not even expect to see. However it's not a requirement, as I know wedding can cost expensive and I don't want to add you an extra cost. If the venue won't provide a meal for vendors, just let me know, so I can take my own food.

What if I have to cancel or move booking?

Life is complicated and the unexpected is to be expected. The deposit is non refundable as this helps to protect my business due to turning away all other booking for your wedding date. I hope you understand that deposit is insurance for my business to stay afloat in the event of a cancellation.

What is your policy for cancellation if covid lockdown happens again?

In general, if you need to change the wedding date due to covid lockdown, there won't be any additional fee, if I'm available on your new date. If I'm not available on your new date, one of photographers from my team will cover photography for you. If you'll decide to go with other photography business, you will lose the deposit paid upfront. 

We love your photos, but we found cheaper photographer. Do you match it?

I'm so proud of my artwork as it took me so many years to develop all skills plus experience, so I'm in the level where I'm at the moment. That's what make me different from other photographers who offers different values and have other mindset. If you'll decide to go with cheaper photographer, that's absolutely your choice,but keep in mind that you'll get what you have paid, so hopefully it won't disappoint you when you'll receive your wedding photos and your experience will be as you imagine it. If you love my photos and want to get the best experience ever, but pricing is out of range, I also offer payment plans to make it easier, just get in touch. I believe when you receive your full gallery of artwork from wedding day, you'll realise that it was the right decision. 

Do you know any vendors you can recommend?

Yes, from many years of experience in the wedding industry I have worked with some of amazing highly recommended wedding vendors. If you would like a specific vendor recommendations, just ask me and I'll send you a list of best of the best in the industry.

How do we book you?

Just send me a confirmation email saying that you would like me to photograph your special day, we will book in a phone call, zoom, or a face to face meeting. I then will then send a photography contract for sign to you along with deposit invoice.. I require a 20% deposit to confirm your wedding date, as soon as it's paid your wedding day is secured. Please remember that I'm getting many inquires for the same dates, specially Saturdays and peak season, so I won't hold your date for a month.