hey hey, beautiful human!

I'm just sooo greatful you landed on this website, and want to get know more about your future photographer

by the way, I'm this much happy if you'll have me to document your day, coz I already know how beautiful your photos will be, even you still think you look awkward in front of the camera

...and it's soo nie to see you here! Let's be friends!

I was born in Ukraine, and last 7 years been living in Australia, and passionately doing what I love!

I have a two year old son Oscar and just under one year old daughter Lola (this information will change every month, at the time I updating my website she's 6 month old), and my husband Vit. We are creative family of photographers, I'm photographing weddings, and Vit doing food photography. By doing what I love (photographing the most happy moments in people's lives) helps me having work-life balance I've dreamed of!

In usual days, I'm full time mum, foodie and coffee lover, especially when I have many weddings to edit during the nights. 

My couples have an honestly amazing experience with me. I take limited numbers of couples per year, because I want to connect with every single one, to get know them as close as my best friends and provide the best service they could wish for. Most of my clients saying they are the most awkward guys in front of the camera, but I know when to say silly joke to make you laugh, when to play a game to get your emotions out, or when to be silent so you can share your intimate moment, that I'll quietly will capture on the background!

I'm not the one who'll fix your dress into perfect circle. I will never ask you to kiss or pretend to cry. I won't hide you from a rain or wind to keep your make up and hair perfect. I won't ask you to stand straight and look at the camera. If you were looking for someone like that, I'm probably not your perfect photographer. However, I'll never stop you of showing emotions, stop laughing or crying. There will be as minimum or as maximum directions as you'll need. 

My name is Sofia

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well, after photographing 100s of weddings, I can tell you this: 

 non of my couples were models, just like you

90% of mo couples saying they awckward in front of camera, they don't want posed photos 

noone got married for multiple times, but photographer photographed many couples, so i'll be in the right place to photograph right moment, just because i know it!

at the end of the days, all you'll have from the wedding day - your memories and photos, so don't neglect on choosing random wedding photographer

no one wedding is the same. don't look how others do, create your own traditions!

noone told that you have to pose for photos, i'm capturing your story, not your fake smiles

p.s. you might be so busy already with wedding planning, and doing 1000s little tings, so booking a wedding photographer shouldn't be hectic, let's make it easy. just drop me a line, and let's make it happen!

and the last one! Trust your photographer. No moodboards needed, your day will be as unique as YOU, and I will capture it exactly YOUR way! 

It's so important for me to show the story of your day as it is, without any artificial posing, fake tears or not sincere laugh. Most of the times you won't see straight in front of you, asking to do this or that - instead I'll create the magic standing in some corner and capturing your real emotions. So afterwards you'll be remembering your day as it was, and looking at some photos you might even remind: "Oh, I was joking about my hubby at this picture, remember how long we were laughing then?"

I have a documentary style approach, MINIMIZING POSING and MAXIMIZING your happiness!

Every couple is so different and unique to me, and that's what inspire me the most - people and their stories. From hearing how you met and till now, it's gives me an ideas how can I help you to personalize your beautiful day, and how to capture photos of you that will be different to others. It is so important for me to tell your love story in the right way that will authentically represent you as a couple. Being a part of your special day gives me a lot of honor and I'm usually doing more than you'd expect, because this experience is one in a lifetime, and you deserve it!

By capturing your legacy, I'm inspired by these things:
- movements and emotions
- nature and beautiful backdrops
- intimate connection
- timeless moments
- vibrant colours with a rustic note

If some of those something you were looking for, I would be so honored to join your beautiful adventure and create that legacy for you! 


I'm the one who capturing the moments that will mean something to you. You won't hear too much directions of how to pose, or which side to look. Instead we'll have a little jokes and interactions that will show your natural smiles. I never do a pre-planned shot list, never fix your dress and make you in freezing position to stand like a model, but instead I'll ask you to connect in a natural way, with minimum prompts if that's needed.

99% of my couples will say that they never took a pictures before, they look awkward in front of camera, they don't know where to put hands etc. I have a good news for you, most of my couples was so surprised how easy it was to take photos with me, and really enjoyed that time. I will make sure everything flow smoothly, and if you feel you've got enough photos, I'll never force you to do more. From my experience, I can feel when it's the right time to give you a bit of direction what to do and when I should go to background and let you enjoy the intimate moment, capturing from the behind. Your vision is so important to me, and I'll always listen you first to meet all you expectations!

I am all about documentary, candid and natural photography. I will make sure to provide you stress free experience, so escaping from guests and capturing your moments will become one of favourite parts of your day!


bts of my daily life

Here is a little sneak peek into my life and what I love to do.


oat cappucino


traveling the world




80-90s music

great beer


experience new cultures




No story is one and the same. Yours will be finessed to share your unique journey.

Two souls,
one story