8 Tips for Bride’s Wedding Morning – no stress, just fun!


He-ya beautiful folks — so, as you can guess I attended quite few weddings in my life… most of the times as a wedding photographer, of course. I’ve seen many of bride’s wedding mornings, and some of them was fun, relaxed and so laid back… But there also was numbers of stressful, hectic, nervous and not fun bride’s mornings that I’ve seen. By having this experience, I think I can give you some tips and life hacks that will make your wedding day perfect from the very morning. Depending how your day starts, it might be in the same vibe for a whole day. But, knowing this tricks, you can go ahead of time and be ready for the greatest morning ever with your besties!

1. Decide before your wedding day if you want to exchange letters & gifts with your partner.

Some of the couples decide to exchange their very personal letters that they write to each other, and read it before going for ceremony. Personally to me, it’s very sweet memorable moments, and most of the time you won’t hold your tears or true smile. If you’d decide to write those letters, make sure that both of you do the same, as sometimes one or the other forget about writing it. This little moments of reading the most precious words from your love are so important, and it’ll definitely make your wedding morning so special and memorable.

2. Have your favorite playlist ready to go!

It’s time to be your own DJ, as there is nothing better then music to set you mood! It’s definitely better to prepare playlist prior to your wedding morning, so your gals and you will have so much fun getting ready from early morning. Put some memorable songs from your high school that can bring you nostalgia, and don’t forget the speaker. It’ll give you some kind of the throwback to old fun times and definitely will make your morning more fun and memorable.

3. Have all of your details in one place.

It’s not only good to know where all your accessories when it’s time to put them on, but it’s so time saving for you and photographer when it’s come to flat -lays pictures. Let’s be honest… Bride’s suites are not the most perfect and organised in the morning, and you can find one of your shoes under the bed and other got mixed in bag with clothes. A lot of interruption happening when it’s come to digging around and looking for your shoes. Where’s the bride jewelry gone? Before starting anything else in your morning (like makeups, hair etc.) set all of your accessories and details in one place, preferably in tidy, natural light corner, so photographer can straight away start doing flat-lays without cleaning the room…

4. Have a bottle or two of your favourite bubbles

Yes girl, you gonna to enjoy your morning as much as you can! There are no rules what to do or not to do. Make it your way, have a glass of champagne with your gals when you having your make up or hair done. Enjoy it in full, with lot of laugh and joy!!!

5. Organise steamer for your & bridesmaids dresses!

This one is so essential to have in your getting ready morning. Not always but most of the times bridesmaids coming to you with their dresses that they bought a while ago, and even they steamed it at home it’ll get wrinkled after rolling up in the car. They will thank you, if you’ll get the steamer on the day, and it’s less stress for you and gals. Ask them to steam their dresses from the early morning before doing anything else, and put it on the hanger until dress up. This is usually the last thing anyone thinks of as they’re pulling out their dresses to put them on. This can also push you behind schedule and hold up your day.

6. Ask your make-up and hair to be there on time.

Yes… This is true and it’s happened to many of my brides. If make-up and hair take longer than they supposed to be, you’ll be behind the schedule and might run 30 minutes or sometimes even an hour later for your ceremony. It’s also not allow many time to take photos of you wearing the dress, accessories, family photos etc, as you’re in rush now and it’s so stressful for you. But those photos the only thing that will left after your wedding day, so you don’t want to miss that. So, I’d highly recommend you to discuss with your hair and make up team how much time they’ll need for each girl, and make sure they’ll finish by certain time. As a benefit, you can do trial prior to your wedding day.

7. Make a THANK YOU gifts for your bridal party.

It’s a little think that will make your friends so happy and they will feel so special. Have a thank you note and even some little things like jewelry for each member of your bridal party. Your mum, nanny, flower girl or anyone else who are part of your family will feel so special if you’ll have a little present for them too. I think it’s a great idea to have some accessories, even personalized, that your girls can wear it straight away on your wedding. That’s always a great idea to surprise your besties!!!

8. Make sure all your vendors are reliable and on time.

Earlier I mentioned that many times ceremonies was behind the schedules as make up and hair takes longer than they supposed to be. But keep in mind, that there are many other wedding vendors, like florists, photographer, videographer, car hire etc, that can be late as well. I came up with a timeline with my couples and then limo was late for half an hour, so that meant we all bridal party couldn’t be for ceremony on time, and that’s where stress coming to bride. And noone interested if there was traffic or some wheel issues – you paid money for the services and you’re expecting the best service you could dream for. So, I’d highly recommend to double confirm all the timing with your vendors at least a week before your day. If you’ve chosen awesome people to work with, hopefully they’re reaching out and confirming that as well. The truth is, wedding vendors are working so many weddings that it can often get confused, or a couple details overlooked. The more proactive you are, the better!!

Well now you have it!! 8 perfect ways to make the morning of your wedding one of your favorite parts of the day! I believe these tips have been helpful and are easy to implement so your big day will go off without a hitch! Happy weddings!!

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