Planning A Wedding In 6 Months? An Ultimate Step By Step Timeline


Planning a wedding within short period of time might be hard, specially if you’re doing a big one.

Along with a wedding venue you’ll have a multiple numbers of vendors to look for, and there might be some of your favorites ones that you’ve been following for years and hoping to book them.

But your time frame is quite tight, and you might be worry if it’s possible at all to plan a wedding within 6 month. So here is your detailed timeline and recommendations of how successfully plan your wedding day within six months.

planning a wedding in six months

Is That Possible To Plan a Wedding within 6 Months?

You just got engaged and you can’t wait to have your wedding ASAP, but some of your friends probably told you it’s not possible to plan wedding just in 6 months time. You might feel stressful about finding your dream vendors, but at the same time you want to have wedding if possible even tomorrow. So, is six month good enough time frame to plan your wedding?

YES! YES! And again YES!!! Of course you can plan your wedding within half a year! I know some couples who did it perfectly within just two months, so I can tell you everything is possible! It might be difficult thought, but possible! There might be a lot of details that will play a big role how fast you can do the planning.

For the beginning, you’d need to answer this questions for yourself:

  1. Is there some specific venue/vendor you’d love to have?
  2. How big you want your wedding to be?
  3. What is your budget?
  4. Is there specific date you’d love for your wedding?

If you want to have your wedding in popular wedding location of Melbourne with highly recommended vendors, plus if you want just a weekend wedding – this time might be not enough. Having a mid-week wedding might significantly change the availability of vendors. So, if you want to secure all your favorite vendors, you can start the planning process one to one six month before your wedding day.

6 Months Planning Timeline for Your Wedding

To plan your wedding take some time. There are not just single detail to be organised, so if you will start immediately – there are more chances that everything will go smoothly and successfully.

You’d need to tick a box of multiple tasks, such as:

  • Venue
  • Wedding date
  • Theme of your wedding
  • Different vendors
  • Your budget
  • List of guest
  • And much much more

If you eventually decided to have your wedding in six month time, create a list of tasks to do each month to ensure a perfect wedding day celebration! I’ve created a timeline from beginning to end with all detailed steps for each month of planning.

planning a wedding in six months


The most important thing to do first is to set your budget, as you want to make sure you can afford the wedding of your dream!

Then, you’d need to review your priorities.

Then, consider your priorities. By having just six month for wedding planning, you should prioritize what things are must-haves and what you can skip.

For example:

You want to have a wedding in Melbourne city in some warehouse rustic venue that can fit 100 people. Do you have some specific one, that you always dreamed for? If so, get in touch immediately to check their availability on your desired date. If you have few dates in mind, or flexible with your wedding date depending on your vendors availability, you might be more lucky to book your favorite venue. If unlikely they are fully booked for peak season, then create a list of few venues you like and do the same.

Repeat same things with other vendors. Professional photographers might be fully booked within six month time, specially during peak season, so contact your desired photographer immediately to check availability for your wedding day.

Few more things you should do six month prior to your wedding day:

  • Choose your wedding party
  • Find a wedding planner (optional)
  • Find other high-demanded vendors, like DJ, florist or caterer

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So, you’ve found and secured your dream venue and hired a photographer, and now five month to go until your wedding day. Now it’s time for:

  • Nailing down your list of guests, so you can send out “save the date” cards
  • Shopping for wedding gown
  • Book hotel rooms for guests if required
  • Find any other vendors you need
  • Do an engagement photoshoot (if you want to)

Now it’s time to book some more vendors (if you haven’t booked them yet):

  • Celebrant
  • Music (singer/musician/band, DJ, MC, etc.)
  • Hair and makeup artists
  • Florist
  • Transportation


The most important things should be ticked off by now.

Four month apart from your wedding day you’ll have smaller things to follow through, for example:

  • Buy your wedding bands
  • Plan a rehearsal dinner
  • Order a wedding invitations
  • Buy a bridal party attire

As your big day now closer, you can check in with the vendors that you already booked, and make sure that everything going smoothly and there no any changes.


So, half way there, and you’ve done all big tasks, so all stress is left behind. Now time to go more deep into details, and take care of more easier and more fun tasks.

Thee months before the big day you can do things like:

  • Choose on favours
  • Do a makeup and hair trial (optional)
  • Order a cake & do a cake tasting
  • Mail wedding invitations to your guests
  • If necessary, make vendors payments


Yay!!! You’re nearly there. Having just two months left till your wedding, you can do this:

  • Have an official celebration of bachelor/bachelorette parties
  • Buy gifts for your bridal party, parents
  • Do a ceremony rehearsal with your celebrant (optional)
  • If necessary, check-in with vendors


Woohoo!!! Now it’s time to countdown days until your big day. It looked unreal from the beginning to plan a wedding in just six months, but you’ve made it, and only few last steps left!

One month before your wedding day you should do this:

  • Get in touch with all your wedding vendors to confirm the details – wedding planner, venue, photographer, bridal party and others
  • Secure your wedding attire, shoes and accessories
  • Have the final plan of seating chart
  • Write down your wedding day timeline – you can give it to your photographer, videographer, MC, wedding coordinator, celebrant, etc so everyone will be where they should be without delays. You can see an example of detailed timeline for photography here.
  • Make final payments
  • Do your rehearsal if you want to
  • And the most important – GET MARRIED!!!

…but don’t forget – there might be some challenges on the way…

Yes, I can tell you 100% that planning wedding within six months is real… But, even if you’re following all the steps month by month, it’s not 100% guaranteed that everything will run smoothly and you won’t have any challenges on the way.

planning a wedding in six months

The lack of choices you’d probably love to have is the biggest disadvantage of planning a wedding within six months time.

By planning a wedding within so short time, you should be be ready to have flexibility in yours:

  • Venue
  • Wedding date
  • Vendors

For example:

You can find hundreds of stunning wedding venues in Melbourne, but eventually there is just one State Library Victoria, Rupert on Rupert or George Ballroom – so much loved wedding venues by couples. So if you were planning to choose some of this or other iconic locations, you’d probably need more time to reserve you dream venue, unless it’s a weekday wedding.

Sadly, some talented vendors, like music (DJ, band), photographers/videographers, celebrants can be fully booked for next six month.

So, I’ve got some tips for you how to make it real, if you want to get married ASAP!

You might take into consideration:

  • Plan your wedding on weekday – Monday-Thursday – to have more chances your wedding vendors are available
  • Plan your day in the off-season — June, July, August, and September — winter weddings are always easier to organise
  • Find some vendors who can fit your wedding as a second per day – like florists or make-up artists
  • Check with vendors if they have last minute cancellation, so they can work with you


If you always wanted some certain wedding venue for your big day, and was aiming to lock it just within six month prior, there are all chances it’ll be already booked and you’d need find some other options.

The most unique wedding venues usually booked out 12-24 month beforehand.

What to do if you dream venue already booked?

  • Have an off-season wedding
  • Have a weekday wedding
  • Consider a date when venue is available
  • Find similar style venue, but less popular


Of course, you want to be sure all guests are full-fed on your wedding day, so you’d need to book your caterer at the same time as your venue, but no later than six months. No doubts, there might be a lot of challenges to find fabulous caterer in six month time, as most of couples reserve their favorites ones up to year in advance.

So, if you’re considering to have your wedding within half a year, to book your caterer should be one of the top to-do tasks.


To book your dream photographer in six month time can also be challenging. All couples wants to have their wedding photographed by professionals, so talented photographers are usually booked out for a year ahead.

As soon as you picked your date and secured the venue, photographer should be contacted straight away to check their availability, and hoping your date is free. If you are flexible with date, and always wanted to book some certain wedding vendors, you can use such scheduling date tool as Doodle in the very beginning of your planning, so all your favorite vendors might be available at some certain day.

If your desired photographer are booked out and don’t take more bookings, feel free to ask for fellow photographers recommendations or ask to notify you if there will be last minute cancellations.

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DJ or Band

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