11 Things To Do After You Get Engaged

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Here’s first things to do before start wedding planning process!

First of all congratulations to you both! If you’re reading this, you perhaps recently got asked the most waited question, or maybe you asked that question on one knee with a little box. Anyway, it’s time to celebrate! After sharing the big news with your besties, there few things to do after getting engaged. These are all-important tasks to check-off your list soon after posting all those happy selfies with the ring.

Nattaya & Damian Engagement, Stomping Ground / See Wedding Photos Here

1. Take your time

No doubts, to be newly engaged its so excited period in your life, and with all that adrenaline you want to start your wedding planning asap. Slow down!!! Enjoy the moment! It’s so important to take your time, and fully enjoy this new chapter in your life as “engaged”. You shouldn’t have feeling like you have to rush something and get married tomorrow. As well as you shouldn’t look how others did. It’s YOURS engagement and should do as you feel! There no stereotypes about that. Announce it, post you pics in new “status” and celebrate with your beloved. You’ll have plenty of time ahead to deep into all the wedding planning details.

2. Cheers!

After calling to your parents, siblings and BFF, it’s time to celebrate and share some drinks with them. If you are solo person, just make a date night for you two. It’s totally worth toasting to celebrate new chapter of your life!

3. Ring Maintenance

Congratulations if your engagement ring fits you right out of the box. Your fiancé did so well on picking the size. However, if its bigger or too small on your finger, you shouldn’t be worry. Jewelry store might hassle free change the ring for right size, or you can go to jeweler for ring resizing. Doesn’t matter if you’ll resize it or not it’s definitely worth to insure your ring, and it’s surprisingly inexpensive. You can choose a coverage provider through renter’s or homeowner’s insurance, or even any other private insurance company.  

Steph & Jayden Engagement Photoshoot, Fitzroy Gardens

4. Pick the date

One of the main questions from your family and friends is about your wedding. The most popular wedding dates and vendors get booked far in advance. Talk with your family first to find a date that works for both sides. Have some back up dates in your mind before contacting wedding vendors. Plus, you won’t have to keep telling them “I don’t have other date in mind, I’ll get back to you later”.

5. Think about the venues

Venue, for sure, will be the first vendor to book. Only after confirming availability with the venue and booking them, you can officially say your wedding date. Do research online, check different sources, read reviews from previous couples, look at their photos from other weddings. Inquire more information on pricing and availability, go to inspection. Remember, it’s so important how you feel there, and if it’s fit your style!

6. Decide your wedding size

It is so important to sit with your fiancé and talk about your wedding size. Whether it’s big or intimate, it’s so important that you both at same page. As soon as you know average guest count and rough budget, you can commit with venue.

Shendar & Jack Pre-Wedding Photosession, Alfred Nicholas Memorial Garden

7. Build a budget

It’s not the most fun part of wedding planning, but it is so necessary. Have a discussion with your spouse, and maybe even parents about all expenses you might have. Again, do a research, but remember, one size doesn’t fit it all.

8. Look at the big picture

Before you deep into small wedding details, like whether you want to have a guests book or not, you’ll want to map out the day and think bigger picture. After choosing the venue, think about big picture items, then pencil in the details. Get inspiration by creating boards on Pinterest or Instagram.

Dyana & Michael Engagement Photosession

9. Choose your bridal party

Think if you’d like to have a bridal party. If so, how many from each side and who? Discuss with your fiancé before asking your best friends to be bridesmaids and groomsman.

10. Do an engagement party

You might not do it, but if you decide to have an engagement party, then just do it your way. Doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, in the bar or at the backyard – do it your way and the vibe that fit you! Have some fun before deep into all wedding planning details!

11. Get organized

After relaxing and taking some time after your engagement, it’s time to get organized. I would recommend to have a 12-month wedding planning checklist (you can plan within a shorter time frame, but for peak season better to do in advance) and start making a wedding plan. Find your inspiration and try to keep it in one place with all your ideas. Wedding planning sometimes can be stressful, so take it easy, and take time to laugh, make a break if you need to, and remember that best day is yet to come!!!

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