Top 33 Melbourne Wedding Photography Locations


As a Melbourne wedding photographer, one of the most common pieces of advice I always asked for is where to shoot stunning wedding photos around Melbourne city. Melbourne is full of historical and colourful places to take wedding photos! I can safely say that having your wedding photography done in heart of city is a Melbourne wedding photographer’s dream come true. So here is my top 33 best Melbourne wedding photography locations in the city.

Melbourne has a timeless and trendy one-of-a-kind charm from the iconic Botanical Gardens to the various industrial-chic warehouse locations in Collingwood. This provides a stylish and editorial backdrop that I can’t get enough of as an Melbourne wedding photographer. With that being said, there are so many stunning locations to shoot wedding photos in Melbourne. It can sometimes be overwhelming to choose. 

So, without further ado, welcome to my Melbourne Wedding Photography Location Guide. I hope this will help you plan your dream wedding in City of Melbourne no matter what aesthetic you’re looking for! Let’s get started.

1. Flinders Street Station

Flinders Street Station is the most iconic Melbourne spot for wedding photos. This historical building and clocks is one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks, and its definitely worth to snap your wedding photos here.

Melbourne Wedding Photography Locations
Flinders Street Station Wedding Photos
Ryan & Bronwyn, Flinders Street Station

2. Melbourne University

Melbourne University is the oldest university in Victoria. It’s located in Parkville, north side of CBD. If you were looking to have a historical buildings on your photos, definitely worth to come here.

3. Hosier Lane

There are so many lanes around city, but Hosier Lanes really stands out. It’s have hundreds incredible graffiti and street art, bringing a really gritty edge to a polished city. You can pick any wall you like and get your wedding photos snapped!

Hosier Lane Wedding Photos
Hosier Lane Wedding Photos
Hosier Lane Wedding Photos
Theresa & Lothermark, Hosier Lane
Wedding photographer melbourne

4. The Royal Arcade

The Royal Arcade is a significant Victorian era building and part of the Victorian Heritage Register. The Royal Arcade hasn’t been changed since it’s build and if you’d like a feel of old time in your wedding photos then definitely come here!

5. Parliament House & Steps

This one, without any doubts, one of the most popular Melbourne wedding photography locations. It’s located on Spring Street, within walking distance from Melbourne Marriage Registry. Rich history and beautiful elegance will make your photos on Parliament steps timeless.

Parliament Steps Wedding Photos
Erin & Alvin, Parliament House
Melbourne Wedding Photography Locations

6. Victoria Barracks

Victoria Barracks located on St Kilda Road in Melbourne and is looks significant architecturally and historically. It is one of the most impressive 19th century government buildings in Victoria.

7. Southbank Promenade

Southbank Promenade is one of the Melbourne’s busiest public spaces. It goes from Princes Bridge to Evan Walker Bridge by wide pedestrian area offering scenic views of the river and city skyline.

8. Carlton Gardens & Royal Exhibition Building

This historical building is a World-Herritage-listed, and located in one of most popular city parks – Carlton Gardens. The park surrounded by four city streets, and located at the north-eastern edge of CBD. So loved by couples, this Melbourne wedding photography locations are the winners.

Melbourne Wedding Photography Locations
Carlton Gardens Wedding Photos
Michelle & Adam, Carlton Gardens

9. Eureka Skydeck

Eureka Skydeck is located in the heart of the city at Riverside Quay, Southbank, and captures everything that is special about Melbourne and beyond. This is the highest observation deck and great as a wedding photo location.

10. Federation Square

Federation Square is place of art and culture in very heart of CBD. There are some interesting unnamed laneways in the Federation Square and riverfront areas as a perfect spots to take wedding photos.

11. Old Treasury Building

Another historical building, inside of it also located Melbourne Marriage Registry. So you can see many couples throughout the day getting married at this place!

Old Treasury Building Wedding
Mike & Fontaine, Old Treasury Building
Melbourne Wedding Photography Locations

12. Docklands Pier

I love this location for it’s colourful sunsets and glittering skylines. You can come here by iconic Melbourne Tram, and get your wedding photos captured with the reflected sparkling lights in the water.

13. Melbourne Street Arts

There are a lot of street-art around Melbourne CBD. Besides famous lanes there are a lot of hidden murals, that only local photographer will know. If you’d love to lost, there are chance to find something interesting.

14. Albert Park

Just around 10 minutes drive from Melbourne CBD located stunning lake park. If you want photos with CBD on the background Albert Park is perfect location for this.

Melbourne Wedding Photography Locations
Albert Park Wedding Photos
Katie & Mark, Albert Park Carousel

15. Princes Bridge

Princess Bridge is a bridge that crosses over the beautiful Yarra River, making it a classic setting for wedding photos in Melbourne City. From Princes Bridge, you’ll be able to see historic Southbank buildings on one side and the MCG on the other. It’s also one of the oldest river crossings in the city!

16. Centre Place’s Laneway

This laneway is one of the oldest in Melbourne. It’s such a unique place to take your wedding photos. The mystical little alleyway is a unusual trove of street art. You can even grab a coffee and get those moments documented.

17. Melbourne Town Hall

If you were looking to have your wedding in heart of Melbourne, or just have photos with beautiful building, Melbourne Town Hall is an amazing spot among others Melbourne wedding photography locations. It have an iconic balcony overlooking Swanston Street and so many history inside and out.

Melbourne Town Hall Wedding
Melbourne Wedding Photography Locations
Melbourne Town Hall Wedding
Chris & Justin, Melbourne Town Hall

18. Treasury Gardens

Treasury Gardens located within one minute walking from Registry Office. Beautiful, quite, always green park, I’d definitely recommend to come here if you officiate your marriage in the city.

19. Chanel Melbourne City

Chanel Boutique have so elegant and beautiful architecture, and it’s a choice of all modern couples as a backdrop for wedding photos. With white and black colours it’ll complete your photos so perfectly.

Chanel Wedding Photos Melbourne
Melbourne Wedding Photography Locations
Therese & Lothermark, Chanel House

20. Hidden Melbourne City Rooftops

Obsessed with Melbourne Rooftops? They are literally in the every corner in CBD and many of them hidden. It’s an iconic spot to take your wedding photos!

21. Chinatown

In the heart of Melbourne CBD you can find colourful Chinatown, on Little Bourke Street. Go inside, and you’ll find a lot of red and gold coloured lights, that might be great for your wedding photos.

22. Royal Botanic Gardens’ stunning scenery

Need I say more? Royal Botanical Gardens is the largest and most important public park in Melbourne. It serves as one of the most iconic parks for wedding photography locations in Melbourne.

Melbourne Wedding Photography Locations
Cindy & Jordan, Royal Botanical Gardens
Botanical Gardens Wedding

23. The Shrine of Remembrance steps

Another amazing location with Melbourne panorama on the background. The Shrine of Remembrance have steps with beautiful gras squares on the bottom, to complete your photos perfectly.

24. Southern Cross Railway Station

If you’d like a modern industrial touch for your wedding photos then Southern Cross railway station is a perfect location. It is a major railway station in Docklands, and located at the western edge of the Melbourne CBD.

25. Melbourne City Circle Trams

Melbourne City Circle Tram is must catch if you are taking your photos around Melbourne CBD. Amazing vintage green colour of tram will complete your photos with beautiful retro touch.

Melbourne Wedding Photography Locations
City Circle Tram Wedding Photos
Fontaine & Mike, Old Treasury Building

26. Evan Walker Bridge

West down the river you’ll reach amazing bridge viewpoint. You can see whole panorama of the Flinders Station and river from the steps next to Evan Walker Bridge. This location is also great for sunset photos if you’re having your wedding in the city.

27. National Gallery of Victoria

National Gallery of Victoria is the most oldest one in Australia. With a modern touch of architecture its make this museum as a perfect backdrop for wedding photos, inside and outside.

28. Fitzroy Gardens & Captains Cook Cottage

Fitzroy Gardens is popular for wedding ceremonies and as a location for wedding photography. Even it’s not huge, you can easily lost there, and you will find so many different backdrops with flowers, trees, pathways or bush. There are also historical Cook’s Cottage in the heart of gardens.

Melbourne Wedding Photography Locations
Fitzroy Gardens Wedding Photos
Rachel & Josh, Fitzroy Gardens
Cooks Cottage Wedding Photos
Erin & Alvin, Cook’s Cottage

29. Collingwood Streets

If you’re more after vintage looking backdrops, you’d definitely want to come to Collingwood or Fitzroy, and explore back streets. Trust me, you’ll find a perfect spots everywhere.

30. Tennis Courts

Within walking distance from CBD you can find famous Melbourne tennis courts. As an Australian capital of Australian Open, this location is so special to take photos at.

31. AC/DC Lane

AC/DC is another beautiful colourful lane for wedding photos. If you want a lot of rainbow colours but less crowd then this spot is for you!

Ac?DC Lane wedding photos

Mike & Fontaine, AC/DC Lane

Melbourne Wedding Photography Locations

32. Sea Life Aquarium

This is so unusual spot for wedding photos. The sea life aquarium at Melbourne itself is a gem house of rich aquatic life, and your photos will look like from wonderland.

33. Neon spots

Melbourne is known for it’s bright and snap-worthy lane ways. If you can’t catch a sunsets in the city, then we can use a vibrant scene of coloured lights and glowing neon spots as alternative.

Few more tips for you, if you are planning to take your wedding photos in Melbourne CBD

Some places might require a permit

Sometimes it’s not that easy to take photos in your favourite spots, as they require a permit to take photos, and sometimes you have to pay fee for that. Always check private properties, parks and even public areas. You might be surprised that Parliament House might charge fees for wedding photography there. As seen as you seen in white dress in Royal Botanical Gardens without permit, you’ll be asked to stop taking photos immediately, so better to organise everything in advance.

It doesn’t mean you have to pay for all places, but better to organise everything in advance, so you have proper timeline with all locations for photos. There might be some other location that memorable just for you, so think about your vibe and what location fit your style. Maybe there are some cafe where you had a first date or kissed for a first time? It’s all about you and your love story, and I’m as a photographer to document all those little moments and make your wedding day a history.

Check all parking in advance

As you know sometimes to park in the city is so stressfull, so better check all photography locations and if there are spots where your car can be parked.

Allow time for travelling

As you know Melbourne CBD might get some traffic, and location can be far from one another. So, alway plan your time for wedding photography, including all travelling in between.

Hire a local photographer

As a big time saver, it’s always winning idea to book a local wedding photographer who literally know every corner in the city, and can give you an alternative idea on the wedding day if let’s say Parliament House overcrowded by people. Or, there might be some rally and road closed, that your photographer can be aware of, and can save hours on your wedding day and leave you stress free. You have a wedding day only once, and you definitely don’t want to stuck half a day in the traffic or driving around and looking where to take photos. So, take your time, search a photographer that fit your style and vibe, and the most important – connect with your photographer!

Looking for a reliable and the most easy-going local photographer in Melbourne?



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