13 Reasons to Love an Autumn Wedding in Australia


Autumn is probably the season you’ll fall in love the most in Australia. Who would disagree with the cool, crisp air, the deep orange and red colours and moody sunsets? Autumn weddings tend to be celebrations that give you intimate and homey feelings, related with some kind of nostalgia of the season. Without doubts, March, April and May paints perfect backdrop for wedding photos that can lasts a lifetime.

By being a professional wedding photographer in Melbourne and Australia and photographing more than 300 weddings, late Autumn is my favorite season here so far, so let me give you all benefits of an autumn wedding that might help you to choose right date!

Redwood Forrest Autumn Elopement
Esta & Jai Elopement, Redwood Forrest, 8 May 2021


You might think that summer is the best season, but sometimes you might forget about 30+ degrees. Considering that you might have ceremony in the open area, and guests will spend at least 2 hours before, during and after ceremony sweating under the sun (yes, even shadow sometimes doesn’t help), the cooler autumn weather really come as an advantage for you. There also nothing worse than standing during your OWN wedding ceremony and feeling sweaty and overheated, and thinking about reception, because it will be cooler in the evening. This 100% won’t happen if you have an autumn wedding!

The Peacock Estate Tyabb Wedding Photographer
Brooke & Riley Wedding, The Peacock Estate Tyabb, 7 May 2022


Cooler temperature and less direct sunlight are amazing for guests comfort. They get to be fully present for the ceremony rather than thinking about how hot they are of if the sun in their eyes. Your guests will also appreciate being able to spend time outdoors without feeling hot and sticky.

Poet's Lane Wedding Photographer
Gina & Chris Wedding, Poet’s Lane, 26 April 2022


When your friends who’ll see your wedding photos – they’ll be like “WOW” with an open mouth. An autumn palette that going from warm shades of yellow to dark red or even maroons will add more romantic feel to your photos.

Old Treasury Building Wedding Photographer
Mike & Fontaine Wedding, Old Treasury Building, 1 June 2022


There are something in atmosphere that makes autumn day light so perfect. Yes, even if it’s midday 12 or 1pm. Sun is more softer than in summer or spring, so there are no bad time during the day if it’s come for photos.

The Grove Gippsland Wedding Photographer
Xuan & Damon Elopement, The Grove Gippsland, 30 April 2022


But when it’s come to an autumn sunsets, I’m 100% obsessed with them. The colours are more moody and nostalgic than in summer. And during all my years of being a wedding photographer, I found that there are more sunset days than in any other season.

Goona Warra Vineyard Wedding
Victoriya & Joel Wedding, Goona Warra Vineyard, 29 May 2022


For me, autumn always been associated with HOME. When it’s come to your wedding, which you spent with most precious people in your life, this feeling is so important. And that’s how all guests will feel as well.

Phillip Island Wedding Photographer
Gia & Bilal Wedding, Private Airbnb Property in Phillip Island, 27 March 2022


This is another reasons why you should consider LATE autumn wedding. As March still might be one of the most popular month for a weddings in Australia, April and specially May are slowing down, and you can save more money by having off-peak celebration. Some vendors tend to drop pricing during off-peak season, and every little bit counts!

Olinda Elopement
Sian & Hannah Elopement, Airbnb in Olinda, 7 May 2022


Your guests don’t have to work around their summer vacations in order to attend. There more chances for them to attend your wedding in autumn. If your guests travelling interstate – flights can be less expensive during autumn compared to summer or holiday weekends.

Melbourne Town Hall Wedding
Chris & Justin Wedding, Melbourne Town Hall, 5 June 2022


The autumn season is definitely a romantic one! Sometimes rain, falling leaves in the air and cold (but warm enough) scenery just adds a sense of endearing charm. You’ll definitely look back at your wedding photos and remember how beautiful, homey and unique your day was.

Old Treasury Building Wedding
Mike & Fontaine Wedding, Old Treasury Building, 1 June 2022


Autumn is one of the best seasons for weddings in Australia when it’s come to fruits and vegs. It’s a must to take an advantage of seasonal products, including both foods and beverages. As example, starter can be any of a seasonal vegetable soup, followed by seasonal protein dish (duck, turkey, chicken, etc.), and fresh fruit tart for dessert. To finish the day, you can warm up all the guests with tasty warm cocktail or cup of hot chocolate.

The Grove Gippsland Wedding
Xuan & Damon Elopement, The Grove Gippsland, 30 April 2022


You should also take an advantage from autumn flowers by including flowers and colours of the season into your wedding florals – deep red, burnt orange and bright yellows are wonderful choices for flower shades. For that extra autumn feel, why not to add some pine to your wedding flowers?

wedding table decorations
Manika & Ash Wedding, Yering Farm Wines, 4 May 2022


Autumn is perfect time of the year to celebrate golden shades so don’t be afraid to add some extra bronzer or highlight to your bridal look. Oranges and reds trend colours would be perfect for a bride to incorporate the themes of an autumn wedding in her make up. Autumn is also good for “frizz-free” wedding hair.

Dandenong Ranges Botanic Garden Wedding
Gina & Chris, Dandenong Ranges Botanic Garden, 26 April 2022


It’s no secret that fall foliage gives a vibrant backdrop for wedding photos. The autumn colours can really aid in presenting you in the best light making you look even more beautiful in your photos. A yellow or red backdrop will allow you to create a true autumn wonderland. If you don’t have trees around, then don’t worry! You will still have an autumn feel with a natural backdrop.

Yering Farm Wines Wedding
Manika & Ash Wedding, Yering Farm Wines, 4 May 2022


Finally, I would advise you to find the photographer who is as much excited as you about your big day. And doesn’t matter if it’s cold, raining all day, or something unpredicted happened and need a quick decision – you need not just a person who feel it like doing their everyday work, but someone who step in your shoes and with all the experience help you with quick resolving (and, of course, documenting all in between moments).

It’s one of the most important things for me, as a photographer, to connect with my couples, to understand them from just an eye contact, rather we should spend 20 more minutes of taking couples photos or better to spend those 20 minutes with family, socialising, and taking candid moments. Having working with so many couples, I understand what you need without explanation. I’m lucky enough to being not just a photographer, but your third wheel girl, so I’m here to not just take your photos, but to help you plan a timeline, answer all your questions, and the most important be your new BFF. Yes, it’ so important to know the person who photographing you on the most important day of your life, and letting you being YOURSELF.

If you have any questions that you’d like to discuss or ask me, please don’t hesitate to contact me. There no obligations in just asking regarding your planning or something you’d like to know. I’m so excited for you!

Yering Farm Wines Wedding
Manika & Ash Wedding (together with their favorite photographer), Yering Farm Wines, 4 May 2022

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